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We are a small group and believe in the spirit of freedom.  We feel many elements throughout our land, and many organizations, are not responsive to those same freedoms, so we choose this style of life and independence from those situations as well as any political agendas.  We are a club that pretty much keeps to ourselves.

Our mission and motto is simple -- Live and Let Live.  We claim no territory.  We look for integrity and responsibility as a positive attribute in our membership.  An individual must be recommended by a patchholder to be considered for membership, and must be available to ride with other club members.  We are not connected, in any way, with any other club or oganization throughout the United States.

Our organization is a Brotherhood of men who have similar interests.  Integrity, respect, and honor remain significant within our membership.  Our families remain a priority, always.  We believe that family & brotherhood an important part of being a biker, and all of life for that matter, and that is what makes us strong as individuals.

For more information on our Club, contact any of the brothers listed to the left.  We'll get back to you.